The Moon Oracle- New Edition



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This easy-to-use introduction to lunar astrology – complete with 72 powerfully illustrated oracle cards – allows for multi-layered readings, and includes Moon Phase tables up to the year 2032.

This original, easy-to-use divination system and practical introduction to lunar astrology allows you to align your life to the fluctuating rhythms of the Moon and make in-depth, multilayered readings, using a combination of lunar cards. Includes Moon Phase tables up to the year 2032.

The deck includes 72 powerfully illustrated oracle cards featuring dramatic figurative and symbolic imagery, representing the 8 phases of the Moon (in each of the four astrological elements), 12 Moon goddesses and 28 Moon mansions. Consult the Moon tables in the book to pinpoint the exact phase of the Moon and astrological sign it appears in to shed light on the present state of your question, then refer to the suggested reading methods and detailed card interpretations for guidance on the best way to proceed.

About the Authors

John Astrop had been an astrologer since the late 1960s. He wrote and illustrated over 150 children’s books, lecturing, counseling, and writing on the subject. He was married to painter Caroline Smith, creator of the Elemental Tarot and the Moon Oracle on which John collaborated, writing both the accompanying books. In 1993 John wrote and illustrated 12 children’s astrology books entitled Little Stars. He passed away 13th March 2013.

In the late sixties and early seventies Caroline Smith became one of Europe’s leading fashion artists, working for magazines such as Vogue, Harpers, Queen, Elle, and Cosmopolitan. She has designed and illustrated four tarot decks and her work in the illustration field appears in magazines and on book jackets worldwide.