Oracle Alma – Engels-Frans



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The Oracle Alma Bose has 67 illustrated cards that come in a sturdy silver box. It also comes with a bilingual booklet, in French and in English, to help you to read the card. Who created the deck? Who illustrated it? We will never know, because there’s no credit in the booklet – just instructions. Instructions that, I dare say, are better than we see in most of little white books that usually accompany the decks. With explanatory booklet.

Lovely scenic pictures fill most of the space of this non-tarot cartomantic deck. At the top of each card is a white border containing primitive iconic symbols that represent the ”meat” of the cards’ interpretations. An upside-down symbol is superimposed on the lower left-hand corner of the card (when viewing it upright), representing the cards’ reversed meanings. The ideas contained herein are of the usual simplistic sort: love, money, health, etc. Three cards are included that can be used to represent various types of querents. Avec livret explicatif.