Body Cards- Insight from the body-Wisdom for the soul

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We hold deep wisdom-in every muscle, bone, blood vessel, nerve fiber, and cell. The human body is not only a complex organism complete with the powerful ability to heal, but also a tremendous resource for us in terms of understanding our very lives. This expressive deck and guidebook includes 35 richly-textured mixed media art pieces representing the metaphorical meanings of different parts of the body and the way for you to find answers to questions that touch upon your internal insights. Suggestions related to each body part, art meditations, body function, unique facts, and associated chakras are provided in an intuitive guidebook, as well as a set of very specific creativity, movement, sensory, and personal growth exercises specifically aimed at helping you to integrate the wisdom of each card into your daily life, including the use of color and essential oils. Your body is speaking. Are you listening? Includes cards and book.