Beasts Of Albion Oracle Cards



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Written and illustrated by Miranda Gray, the BEASTS OF ALBION ORACLE CARDS offer a unique and powerful divination system that showcases animals from both the natural world and mythology.
Britain enjoys a long, rich tradition of animal lore that dates back to the earliest times. Intended to inspire connection to the primary animal archetypes that govern our everyday life while offering guidance to help the reader find their own totem animals, the Beasts of Albion Oracle Cards shows the reader how to harness the power of the animals and welcome their energy into their lives.
The deck also shows the reader how to discover their own animal totems, so they may call upon them in times of need.
The BEASTS OF ALBION ORACLE CARDS feature 40 beautiful portraits of the featured beasts, including a blank card for personal use.
The accompanying guidebook presents a wealth of myth, legend and natural history for each of the animals. Offering suggested spreads, the guidebook also explains how to read the cards and explore the symbology of the animals by following the Spiral Path.

40 cards & guidebook