Aboriginal Walkabout Oracle Cards



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Do you ever feel you are losing your way in life? Be guided by those who’ve lived in harmony with our amazing planet for millennia. This unique collection of ancient wisdoms, interpreted for the modern age, pools the power of the land, the people, their tools and mythology into a single, stunning resource of inspiration, creation and comfort in these all too testing times of our making. These stunning cards speak to all who appreciate Mother Nature through the teachings of one of our most important collective ancestors – the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. From the co-author of the Dark Goddess & Witches’ Familiars decks Kate Osborne and introducing Australian spiritual confidant Mathew Tyler, with beautiful artwork from much-loved and respected animal and mythology artist Morgan Fitzsimons, this is set to be a deck to appeal to first-commers, nature lovers and followers of earth-centred teachings, everywhere.

This Aboriginal ‘Walkabout’ Oracle Set contains:

* 48 gilded oracle cards, based on stunning original artwork, full of the wisdom and wonder of earth medicine, with key focus words.
* A detailed guidebook on how to use the information with powerful invocations, a detailed reading, and insightful revelationsabout the subject of each card, albeit a sacred place, a tool, or an amimal…